Sunday, July 19, 2009


Beside the fact of having a MAJOR chocolate attack,my first ganache, and that I have never made a cupcake with filling, what more excuses did I need to make these? So I saw them on MyBaking Addiction and thought how perfect!
( I'm pretty sure my mom would kill me if she knew I put a cupcake on her piano! lol )
So I spent my Saturday night ( haha I'm such a lame college student) making some cupcakes. I was fairly surprised at how easy they were to make. They weren't too bad tasting either! I'm not so sure they tasted exactly like a Hostess cupcake but they were awfully close. I have to admit I do prefer the fake (Hostess) stuff! Okay well I have lots of homework to do so Got to go. Hopefully I can find another day this week to bake!
Also, I can't wait to get a better camera haha!

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